Mission: A special assignment given to a person or a group.

Enablers: A person or group of persons that render capable a particular task.

Mission Enablers Africa has been a way for me to use what God has entrusted in my possession to glorify His name and use my words to continually encourage people to be an active part of the Great Commission.

With Jesus’ last words to His disciples in Matthew 28:19, it is glaring that every believer should be an active participant in the fulfillment of the Great Commission. And one way to be an active participant is to be an enabler of the Great Commission.

The beauty of this is that in more than one way, Mission Enablers Africa has made this possible for us to be a part of the Great Commission.

How well do you know Mission Enablers Africa?

Let me tell you a bit about this organization that is cheerfully fulfilling the Great Commission.

Mission Enablers Africa is an organization that enables Missionaries and Mission Agencies to propagate the Gospel of Christ on earth. Established in June 2018, MEA has enabled Missionaries and Mission Agencies to win 80,000 souls across 13 Countries in more than 300 remote villages in the past four years.

Having trained 2,000 Church Leaders, donated 7,000 Bibles, planted 200 churches, and actively partnered with 10 mission agencies, we have been able to tell so many Unreached People Groups about Christ’s reckless love for them. We have taught them about the significance of the first coming of our Lord Jesus.

Do you know ways you can be a Great Commission Enabler?

To ensure that we all function in our various enabler capacities, Mission Enablers Africa has created her thrust words in a way that we can fit in.

Every enabler is either a Goer – going on short mission trips to periodically give the Gospel to those in dire need of it while encouraging Missionaries on the field.

Or a Funder – giving financial support for Missional activities such as Bible donations, Church planting, Mobility drive, etc., as well as meeting the basic needs of Missionaries so they can give their best to serving.

Or a Prayer Warrior – holding firm the spirit realm for Unreached Souls, Missionaries, and Mission Agencies. Propagating the Gospel is spiritual warfare that needs gatekeepers who would ceaselessly be praying.

Or Mission Publicist – telling all and sundry about the extraordinary work the Lord is doing through Missionaries and Mission agencies, writing, sharing, engaging, and speaking on Missional activities.

Or a Mission Supporter – an all-rounder who does the 4 above as the Lord gives grace and goes the extra mile to fill up any enabling spot or opportunities.

With this knowledge, can you tell what aspect of the Great Commission enablement you belong to?

How well will you fulfill your role as an enabler with Mission Enablers?

Tell us in the comment section.

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The Lord trusts you and me to take his name and word to the ends of the earth. I am ready. Are you?