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I know you have heard the words, The gift that keeps giving. In my opinion, the reality and practicality of that is a beautiful thing. But I have realized that there is an in-depth version of this when it has a ripple effect.

If a receiver of a gift, gifts someone and that person gifts another, then a cycle is formed – Think about it too, how better will the world be.

This is the perfect illustration of what the life Jesus gives us does. He gave us the gift of salvation so that we can give it to others. This is not an assumption. He clearly stated this in His final words to us.

The final words – His Love Note to us.

The Love Note in the Great Commission
Matthew 28:16-20 (GNV)
“Go then to all people everywhere and make them my disciples: baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the HolySpirit”. Said the Man nailed on the cross for debts (sin) he did not owe, to his disciples (who represent every Christian in the world today), even though some doubted.

The Great Commission according to this scripture is the sharing of the gospel Jesus came to give every man on earth. After His disciples have experienced what it means to know Jesus and walk with Him, Jesus asked that they give everyone in the world the opportunity to experience the Love they have come to know.

Jesus said to people everywhere i.e. no limit was given as to the kind of people to hear the word. It was not limited to tribe or race or even action because Jesus died for the debts(sin) we all owed.

In simple words, the Love He has given them should not end with them. They need to pass it on to as many people as possible.

What is Needed?
Luke 10: 1 – 12 (TPT)
“Now, off you go! I am sending you out even though you fall as vulnerable as lambs going into a pack of wolves. You won’t need to take anything with you. Trust in God alone. And don’t get distracted from my purpose by anyone you might meet along the way”

This statement was made by Jesus when He sent out the nervous Seventy-two. Jesus knew how hostile life can be, especially when one is trying to give His impeccable Love to another but He assured the Seventy-two that the trust in God is all they need.

This scripture is not for Missionaries on the field alone, it is also for you. As you make effort to be a part of the Great Commission, life will want to try you but all you need is to trust in God. He is the ALL that you need.

The Master’s Love Note to you is what we need to make the world a better place. He has even equipped you with all the Love you need to live out His Love to others.

He has given you a guide – tell ALL the people, baptize them and disciple them.

What are you doing with the Master’s Love Note to you?
Who are you passing this Love Note to?

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I know of a woman who deals in gold. She sources for them and sells them. We call her Iya.

Iya goes through so many processes before she gets to the point of sale for her gold chains. Her account game is top-notch. She cares for her gold like she would her children because she knows she was giving value to her customers.

One morning, as she walked around her store taking stock, she noticed one of her gold chains was missing. She instructed her shop assistants to make a clean sweep of the store. They swept and searched multiple times that day with no gold chain to show for it. As she sat looking at her shop assistants attend to customers, she could not take her mind off the gold chain. She got up and swept the store again by herself this time but the gold chain remained missing.

Her shop assistants kept looking at her like she was a mystery. They could not stop whispering. It is only a gold chain, one said. This store is filled with thousands of gold jewelry and she’s bothering herself with one tiny piece of gold, another said. They could not hide their surprise. They kept looking at her with so much surprise. Anytime she implores them to sweep or search again, they did grudgingly because they expected her to let it be. The gold chain is missing and that’s it. That should be the least of Iya’s worries.

Every day when Iya resumes at the store, she would ask if they perchance saw the gold chain. She wondered if they are even helping to look for it. Her shop assistants could not understand why a gold chain should bother her that much.

After thirty days of searching, Iya found her gold chain beside the bin. Her joy knew no bounds. She gathered all her friends and neighbors, throwing a party – sumptuous meals were the order of the day.

Iya screamed repeatedly at the top of her voice, “come and celebrate with me, I had lost my precious gold chain, but now I have found it” 

This was Iya’s response every time something went missing, and she found it in the most unlikely places, another time it was her brooch, after one year she found it where her husband kept his carpentry materials. The most beautiful materials were continuously found in places where they had no business being. Iya never failed to throw a party! Her reaction never shook, the same steady joy and love at finding those things again.

This is Lord’s reaction to soul winning.

The question is, are we like the shop assistants? Are we working with the Lord to ensure all lost souls come back to him?

This is one way you can bring joy to the Lord. How well are you doing this? 

Goodnews Missions Relationship Salvation


More than 3 Billion people in the world are yet to hear about the first coming of Christ. How would they then be saved and get to experience eternity with Him when they do not even know him?

Looking at how much access we have to the gospel in the part of the world you are presently in might make it very difficult to believe. However, this number is as real as the love of Christ to humankind.

To put things in perspective, let me tell you how Jesus practically demonstrated our role in ensuring that everyone in the world hears about the love and life He had to come physically on earth to give us.

The water in the house had run out, so you decided it was about time you went to fetch since no one was going to do it anyway. You pick up your jar and make your way towards the well.

You hate taking walks alone. This is because your mind always pondered. You thought continuously about how messy your life had gotten and about the gossip you have heard around town. People smiled at you as you passed by, but you knew they were just hoaxers, but you made the constant choice to ignore them because when people had gossiped about you that much, you stopped caring at a point.

The issue with the gossip is that part of it was true. However, people did not understand that you had identified that you had a problem and you are aware that you needed some emotional satisfaction. There was a void that needed to be filled. Yet, having gone through several men, none of them proved effective.

You know they worked in the beginning. But you got tired as they ran their course. You were religious, at least you thought you were because most times you join the assembly at Mount Gerizim to worship, you followed the law, so when you did talk to God about this void, you wondered why he was yet to fill it.

By the time you reached the well your mind had been so encompassed by your cluster of thoughts that it was only when you began to draw some water, you noticed the man at the well. You didn’t want to deal with this. ‘Not another man’, you whispered to yourself.

You decide to ignore him like the town’s people but His aura was different. So, when he did talk to you, you replied. He was dressed differently from the town’s people. He looked like a Jew (and the Jews never had anything to do with your kind, much more a woman). Hence, his request that you give him water to drink surprised you. You asked that he get his jar. But he made you feel dazed when he said he could you give water that you will never thirst again.

You didn’t know if he was speaking metaphorically or literally but what he said next made you believe that he could.

He told you things about yourself, things that even the town’s people had no idea about. He asked about your husband, you replied that you had none. You definitely couldn’t call the counterproductive man that stays at home a husband.

‘You’re right, you don’t have a husband – for you have had five husbands and you aren’t even married to the man you’re living with now’ he said but without judgment.

By the end of the encounter, you knew that was it. You felt an ache in your chest but a good one, the unending hole within you was getting filled. You felt a joy that no human man had ever made you feel. This joy made you forget you had come to David’s well to fetch your jar. You also didn’t care what the town would say if you spoke of yet another man, and as you took your first mission trip back to town, all you wanted to do was to spread the joy in Jesus that you had just found, maybe their hearts would be filled too.

This story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman is very significant because it tells us how important balancing the imbalance of those without Christ means to our Saviour.

We have been called to Light to pull people out of the darkness.

Our salvation is a reason to go out to fill people’s unending emptiness and holes with the love of God.

It’s helping people in the way the bible says to Give and it will be given to you…

For the present imbalance in the world to be balanced, you and I need to be committed to giving Jesus to the 3 Billion who are yet to know about him.

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Research shows that the word ‘Christmas’ comes from an old English word ‘Cristes-messe’ which means Christ’s mass.

Christ’s mass – a gathering for Christ. A gathering to awaken tired minds, and a dose to remember his love for all of us.

To many people, Christmas means different things. So, I decided to document what Christmas means to different people for you before telling you what Christmas means to me.

Also, I will love to read what Christmas means to you too.

Here’s a collage of what Christmas means to some;

“There is no Christmas without Christ- the knowledge of this, that I have someone who would always look out for me gives me a reason to be merry, no matter how terrible the year was”.

“It is a time to come together with my family and become one”. 

“It is a reminder of God’s sacrificial love. I get to celebrate a God who became man, for my sake”.

“It means love to me; I can’t explain it. It reminds me how much God loves me. This has become a charge for me to love others.” 

Like the song says- “who would have thought that the lamb will save the souls of men”.

“It shows the love of God to send willingly a sacrifice that we may have victory over sin forever, coupled with the Love of Jesus for us, to carry the cross willingly that we may never have to”.

Back to me.

Anytime I was asked what I did for Christmas, I was always quick to say we do not celebrate it in my house. This was because there were no decorations, stockings, or even wrapped gifts. There was nothing out of the norm on Christmas day. It was cooking, going on drives, and sharing food. In some way, I belittled what we did as a family because it was not out of the ordinary. That’s what I thought.

However, this is how our culture celebrated Christmas. And this is how we expressed our love.

Beyond the activities of the day, Christmas is like the last puzzle that makes the year complete. It is that holiday that reminds us again of the birth of the one who came to the earth to love us completely while we are yet sinners. 

So, with care and dexterity, let Christmas this year be one of love- let love be felt greatly.

Let the joy of the reason of the season fill your heart. Let other experience His love that has been shed abroad in your heart.

However you choose to celebrate, ensure you do not forget the mighty gift of salvation. Also, remember that many people are yet to experience this gift for which you are celebrating right now so find time this Christmas to pray for their salvation.

So, how will you be celebrating this Christmas?

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From the birth to the ascension of Christ, you and I were at the center of the Lord’s redemption plan. And as Christmas approaches, we are reminded of these valuable gifts.

On the first day of Christmas, the Perfect Lover gave to me – A promise of a conception of the one who would love me just as He does. Isiah 7:14

On the second day of Christmas, the Perfect Lover gave to me – His First-Born Son wrapped in cloths and placed in a manger. His humility personified in his birth. Luke 2:7

On the third day of Christmas, the Perfect Lover gave to me – A clear understanding of His supremacy. Angels, the Shepherds, Simeon, and Anna, all glorifying the one whose love is supreme. ‘’Glory to God in the highest Heaven’’. Luke 2:8-20

On the fourth day of Christmas, the Perfect Lover gave to me – My Teacher of what was, what is and what is to come. My Lord was preaching in temples, three days went by and still unfound. Luke 2:41 -52

On the fifth day of Christmas, the Perfect Lover gave to me – The Miracle Worker. The One who came for all and was not ready to leave any behind Acts 10:38

On the sixth day of Christmas, the Perfect Lover gave to me – The Perfect Prayer. All of my desire, wants, need, the reason I am on earth wrapped up in the words only Christ can give. Matthew 6:5-15

On the seventh day of Christmas, the Perfect Lover gave to me – My Savior. Scourged. Beaten. Nailed. All for me. Matthew 27:27-44

On the eighth day of Christmas, the Perfect Lover gave to me – His Resurrection. Christ defeated death. He fought and got the keys of life so I might have eternity to look forward to. Mark 16:1-20

On the ninth day of Christmas, the Perfect Lover gave to me – His Mandate. His Will. The one act I can do to give Heaven so much joy. Matthew 27:27-44

On the tenth day of Christmas, the Perfect Lover gave to me – A part of Himself, The Holy Spirit – to keep, guide, and remind me of His Word, Acts, and Love till He comes to take me home. John 14:26

Ten days to Christmas with each day a reminder of the gift Christ gave us for our Christian journey.

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“I will keep in perfect peace, those whose minds are steadfast because they trust in me”- Isiah 26:3

To be in perfect peace. I feel the need to analyze this scripture- but instead, I will tell you a story.

Toyin was a Jesus girl, everything about her was Godly- like everyone else she probably had struggles, but we didn’t see them. She was always in church and had a steadfast smile on her face.

Toyin was like an extension of God. She always had a compliment to give. Best believe that was not all she gave. Toyin was my roommate and had the above scripture written on a sticky note and pasted on her wall. Every morning before she left the hostel she would recite it- and I used to wonder why.

To me she was peace on legs, why did she need the reminder?

It was Wednesday and we had a test, Toyin is a law student – we both are. After this test, we came back to our rooms and she’s had so many missed calls. She calls back, and the news is tragic, both her parents had died in an accident.

She screamed once. This was her only reaction. She, then, turns to her scripture and says it repeatedly. This was how she slept through that unfortunate Wednesday.

However, as days passed she kept whispering these words that are most likely to a random person, letters- but to her promises.

I know you are wondering if we ever spoke about it. Yes, we did, 2 months later when she was back to herself – well almost. She still cried herself to sleep every night.

This was how the conversation went:

OG: Toyin, how can you be so happy? God just took the people who loved you most on earth away. How are you still living?

Toyin: OG, God will keep in perfect peace, those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in Him. I want you to understand that just because I say these promises, I didn’t question God or I wasn’t angry with him, does not mean I don’t feel the intensity of what happened. Death is contrary to everything He has promised, but me staying angry with God, will mean to question his love. OG, what has happened doesn’t change the fact that the Father loves me recklessly, or that I will trust him with my future.

These words are reminders to me, and each time doubt crawls in, I am reminded of the perfect peace that I have, once I trust Jesus.
Perfect peace comes by acknowledging the ugly parts of this world and knowing that my mind will remain intact through it all.

Perfect peace is the wing of a dove, called trust.
Perfect peace is going to bed knowing that you will most likely fall, but Abba would not let you fall.
Perfect peace is still trusting God when our plans do not work.
I say it every day, to remind myself to trust God- because OG, who else will die for me?

Hey you! This story is fiction- but it was the only way to explain this scripture. I want you to know bad things will happen, even when you carry Jesus on your head, bad things will still happen. Proverbs 24:10 is an assurance that trying times will come but we have the Prince of Peace by our side all the time. He is always there and ready to help. Ready to still the turbulence and give you peace even as you walk through the fire and great waters.

This is me reminding myself, and reminding you to trust God. Live in perfect peace, and like the lyrics say- Jireh you are enough. So, if all you have is God, you will still be happy, content, and in peace.

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I have always wanted a grand wedding.

Flowers and light.

An event that was pure bliss, nothing more and nothing less.

I have always wanted grand gestures and public affection. A love that was not shy and ashamed.

I have always been a giver; you can be sure I wanted a giver too.

I wanted all of these things, and a list of another million – I got them and lost them.

The greatest of all that I have lost is time.

The time I wasted sinking in undeserving thoughts and rejecting all of the love that was being offered to me. For the years I stayed looking for things that I would not even accept if they were given to me, it was like a treasure hunt. Looking for what you would not use because of the thoughts that you were not good enough.

I stayed longing for things I wasn’t ready for. It was tragic.


I have always known God too. The type of knowing where you walk across the street from someone that is really a stranger but you shout a ‘Hi’ with excitement that has no root. That is how I knew God. That is what it was, surface-level knowledge. I popped in when I was drenched in needs and disappeared when satisfaction was my stench. I don’t know why and I don’t know how but this relationship might have as well been called complacency.

This was me. Screaming from the rooftops that God was good and not really knowing God’s goodness. Testifying of his love, and not accepting his love. Talking of his mercies and not understanding his mercy. I was the opposite of everything I said. No vulnerability.


I don’t know whether to say I found God, or he found me. I like to think he wooed me.

He gave me sixty and six love letters, each one explaining why I am deserving of his love.  A bundle of reasons why guilt should be non-existent. He used Paul to show me how significant I was to him no matter what I had done, and David to explain that nothing I had ever done was too much for him to forgive.

He showed me Esther, the kind of confidence that comes with his love, and Hosea the selflessness of his love. Lot to show his goodness and Joseph to show that he was all I needed.

I was convinced that with this love, there was no betrayal. He was honest and he wouldn’t let me down.


Standing here, owning that I am fearfully and wonderfully made- regal in a way that drapes and satin cannot make me. Confident and sure of eternity with my lover. He starts his vows;

Whispering to me, his voice dressed with strength. Each word clear- without confusion;

“You didn’t choose me. I chose you. I have proved my passionate love for you, by dying in your place. I am a safe place of shelter. I’ll never stop believing in the best for you”.

“When you fail to love me back, I will not be defeated. I’ll never give up on you. There is nothing that will separate you from my love, this love will triumph”.

“Our love is perfect and drives away all guilt. Yesterday does not matter, I still love you I want my love to continually nourish your heart.”

“These are my promises”.

With tears in my eyes- not tears of unbelief but of gratitude, that I am known fully and loved just as much, we share a warm embrace.

This wedding beat my wildest imaginations, best believe.