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More than 3 Billion people in the world are yet to hear about the first coming of Christ. How would they then be saved and get to experience eternity with Him when they do not even know him?

Looking at how much access we have to the gospel in the part of the world you are presently in might make it very difficult to believe. However, this number is as real as the love of Christ to humankind.

To put things in perspective, let me tell you how Jesus practically demonstrated our role in ensuring that everyone in the world hears about the love and life He had to come physically on earth to give us.

The water in the house had run out, so you decided it was about time you went to fetch since no one was going to do it anyway. You pick up your jar and make your way towards the well.

You hate taking walks alone. This is because your mind always pondered. You thought continuously about how messy your life had gotten and about the gossip you have heard around town. People smiled at you as you passed by, but you knew they were just hoaxers, but you made the constant choice to ignore them because when people had gossiped about you that much, you stopped caring at a point.

The issue with the gossip is that part of it was true. However, people did not understand that you had identified that you had a problem and you are aware that you needed some emotional satisfaction. There was a void that needed to be filled. Yet, having gone through several men, none of them proved effective.

You know they worked in the beginning. But you got tired as they ran their course. You were religious, at least you thought you were because most times you join the assembly at Mount Gerizim to worship, you followed the law, so when you did talk to God about this void, you wondered why he was yet to fill it.

By the time you reached the well your mind had been so encompassed by your cluster of thoughts that it was only when you began to draw some water, you noticed the man at the well. You didn’t want to deal with this. ‘Not another man’, you whispered to yourself.

You decide to ignore him like the town’s people but His aura was different. So, when he did talk to you, you replied. He was dressed differently from the town’s people. He looked like a Jew (and the Jews never had anything to do with your kind, much more a woman). Hence, his request that you give him water to drink surprised you. You asked that he get his jar. But he made you feel dazed when he said he could you give water that you will never thirst again.

You didn’t know if he was speaking metaphorically or literally but what he said next made you believe that he could.

He told you things about yourself, things that even the town’s people had no idea about. He asked about your husband, you replied that you had none. You definitely couldn’t call the counterproductive man that stays at home a husband.

‘You’re right, you don’t have a husband – for you have had five husbands and you aren’t even married to the man you’re living with now’ he said but without judgment.

By the end of the encounter, you knew that was it. You felt an ache in your chest but a good one, the unending hole within you was getting filled. You felt a joy that no human man had ever made you feel. This joy made you forget you had come to David’s well to fetch your jar. You also didn’t care what the town would say if you spoke of yet another man, and as you took your first mission trip back to town, all you wanted to do was to spread the joy in Jesus that you had just found, maybe their hearts would be filled too.

This story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman is very significant because it tells us how important balancing the imbalance of those without Christ means to our Saviour.

We have been called to Light to pull people out of the darkness.

Our salvation is a reason to go out to fill people’s unending emptiness and holes with the love of God.

It’s helping people in the way the bible says to Give and it will be given to you…

For the present imbalance in the world to be balanced, you and I need to be committed to giving Jesus to the 3 Billion who are yet to know about him.