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“I will keep in perfect peace, those whose minds are steadfast because they trust in me”- Isiah 26:3

To be in perfect peace. I feel the need to analyze this scripture- but instead, I will tell you a story.

Toyin was a Jesus girl, everything about her was Godly- like everyone else she probably had struggles, but we didn’t see them. She was always in church and had a steadfast smile on her face.

Toyin was like an extension of God. She always had a compliment to give. Best believe that was not all she gave. Toyin was my roommate and had the above scripture written on a sticky note and pasted on her wall. Every morning before she left the hostel she would recite it- and I used to wonder why.

To me she was peace on legs, why did she need the reminder?

It was Wednesday and we had a test, Toyin is a law student – we both are. After this test, we came back to our rooms and she’s had so many missed calls. She calls back, and the news is tragic, both her parents had died in an accident.

She screamed once. This was her only reaction. She, then, turns to her scripture and says it repeatedly. This was how she slept through that unfortunate Wednesday.

However, as days passed she kept whispering these words that are most likely to a random person, letters- but to her promises.

I know you are wondering if we ever spoke about it. Yes, we did, 2 months later when she was back to herself – well almost. She still cried herself to sleep every night.

This was how the conversation went:

OG: Toyin, how can you be so happy? God just took the people who loved you most on earth away. How are you still living?

Toyin: OG, God will keep in perfect peace, those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in Him. I want you to understand that just because I say these promises, I didn’t question God or I wasn’t angry with him, does not mean I don’t feel the intensity of what happened. Death is contrary to everything He has promised, but me staying angry with God, will mean to question his love. OG, what has happened doesn’t change the fact that the Father loves me recklessly, or that I will trust him with my future.

These words are reminders to me, and each time doubt crawls in, I am reminded of the perfect peace that I have, once I trust Jesus.
Perfect peace comes by acknowledging the ugly parts of this world and knowing that my mind will remain intact through it all.

Perfect peace is the wing of a dove, called trust.
Perfect peace is going to bed knowing that you will most likely fall, but Abba would not let you fall.
Perfect peace is still trusting God when our plans do not work.
I say it every day, to remind myself to trust God- because OG, who else will die for me?

Hey you! This story is fiction- but it was the only way to explain this scripture. I want you to know bad things will happen, even when you carry Jesus on your head, bad things will still happen. Proverbs 24:10 is an assurance that trying times will come but we have the Prince of Peace by our side all the time. He is always there and ready to help. Ready to still the turbulence and give you peace even as you walk through the fire and great waters.

This is me reminding myself, and reminding you to trust God. Live in perfect peace, and like the lyrics say- Jireh you are enough. So, if all you have is God, you will still be happy, content, and in peace.