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So, for every day in her first month, she’d walk up to people, hug them and tell them that God loved them.

Mark 16:15- “As you go into all the world, preach openly the wonderful news of the Gospel to the entire human race’’.

My mother used to tell me that her mother had beautiful feet. She meant it literally. Her feet were fair and frail, you will think that they’d snap at the slightest pressure. My Grandmother’s name was Kemi. She had a corner shop about fifteen steps from our house, and she never failed to play music. We used to call her Maami. Maami was eighty-eight years, and she evangelized always as she took the fifteen steps from our house to her shop. She was always ready to tell somebody about God.

Today was the day that we buried Maami. My mother had a story to tell about her;

Maami always told of her time with the Bangubangu people in Congo. Maami was only five days into the age of twenty-two and she constantly felt like she needed to be doing something. She was always tired and constantly felt unfulfilled. The opportunity to travel came and she just couldn’t say no, they were to leave in less than a week and the requirement was that you had to be Christian.

Maami was going to go, even if her mother thought it irrational.

Maami and her beautiful feet walked the roads of Bangubangu. For a month, because of how little she knew the only truth she was certain of enough to tell the people there was that God loved them. So, for every day in her first month, she’d walk up to people, hug them and tell them that God loved them.

In every inconvenience, discomfort, and cruelty, Maami fed the people three words that she knew without a doubt.

Two months down, and she wasn’t finished. She had just begun, and in every other place, she went, in different countries, she labored for God. Telling and showing people God’s love.

My Mother ended by saying that Maami had beautiful feet, and I am now reminded of the lyrics; How beautiful are the feet of they that carry the Gospel. Now it makes a little more sense.

PS: Not everyone will have the capacity or even the ability to get to unreached people groups, but in the circles that you find yourself in, be reminded of the great commission- not just in words, let everything you do be coated in the love of God. Let the words from your mouth not be in contradiction to the words of the Bible. Talk to people about God shamelessly.

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