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Children Empowermment Fund

Children Empowerment Funds is an arm of Mission Enablers Africa, created to meet the educational and physical needs of Children in Northern Nigeria and other remote parts of Africa. Working with missionaries helped us see the wide educational gap in the Northern part of Nigeria and some African countries.

Our Mission

To give impoverished communities a voice and future by providing them with financial support and a suitable environment for formal education

Our Vision

To give every child access to quality education in a conducive learning environment.

Education Support

We have built 6 blocks of classrooms in Sierra Leone. A school hall and 6 classrooms built in Northern Nigeria. Construction of a school building in Burundi for a community 7,000m above sea level. Millions of Naira donated to missionary kids education. School supplies provided.

School Buildings & Supplies

We setup computer labs in schools and support the building of classroom blocks from start to finish, we also use the CEF donations to equip these classes with desks and supplies.

Why we do this

Our Drive

To greatly reduce and eventually eradicate the use of uneducated children as preys/victims for religion extremist and political propaganda

Our Goals

• Support children through the provision of scholarships as well as other educational materials.
• Provide a conducive learning environment for children either by refurbishing or renovating schools/classrooms.
• Provide solar panels because most of our targeted areas do not have access to electricity.

Our Mantra

‘All children, no matter where they live or what their circumstances are, have the right to quality education in a conducive environment’.

Support the Mission

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We observed that only a handful of parents could send their children to school and the conditions for learning are not suitable. Our observation led to many educational centered projects. Such as; Sponsor a child, Love box (Sharing of Christmas gifts to Children in the Northern part of the states), School building and renovation etc.
We aim to help give quality education and other sources of support to children in Northern Nigeria and other African Countries. Our zeal to give these children a major tool that will facilitate self-awareness, exposure and a chance at a better future birthed Child Empowerment Fund.

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