There is an ongoing wave in Africa that has come as #Africaisbleeding. This wave is birthing Africa into God's will for her. However, we cannot sit still and do nothing. Join us every Thursday in November as we declare prophetic sounds over Africa. Africa will rise! Africa will do exploits! Join in. Don't be left behind.

We are not called to be Disciples alone but to be Missionaries as well. Here's an opportunity to participate in the Great Commission at a closer level. There's no significance to Easter if we are not sharing the gospel with the Unreached People Group.

Be a Missionary from your home. If you cannot be at the Mission field, you can give a very necessary support that will aid the expansion of the Kingdom of God as well as help labourers in the field to harvest souls properly and adequately.

Let your staycation and vacation plans include winning souls for the Lord this year. Plan ahead by signing up.

Being a Missionary does not mean you have to be in Mission fields. Actively supporting the Great Commission makes you a Missionary. We are all parts of the body of Christ. To ensure that the harvest does not get rotten and bad, you can play a part by supporting those on the Mission fields. You have a role to play in the Great Commission.