With a new year comes more opportunities for us to share the gospel of Christ to many others - by going on Mission Trips to preach the gospel and encourage Missionaries on the field. Are you interested in joining us this year? Then click this link to register: https://bit.ly/2022OpenShortMissionTrips We canít wait to be out in the field with you!

This event is focused on providing individuals with ministries outsides the four walls of a church with the necessary support, insight, and knowledge they need to scale heights in the ministry.

Be a Missionary from your home. If you cannot be at the Mission field, you can give a very necessary support that will aid the expansion of the Kingdom of God as well as help labourers in the field to harvest souls properly and adequately.

Being a Missionary does not mean you have to be in Mission fields. Actively supporting the Great Commission makes you a Missionary. We are all parts of the body of Christ. To ensure that the harvest does not get rotten and bad, you can play a part by supporting those on the Mission fields. You have a role to play in the Great Commission.

We are taking the goodnews to Benin Republic! Come with us.