Mission Enablers International

6 Years of Enabling Missions and Missionaries: Celebrating God's Faithfulness

Over the past six years, we have been privileged to serve and support missionaries and persecuted Christians in Africa and beyond.
Our Journey So Far
Since our inception, we have been dedicated to standing with those in need of the gospel the most. Our work has been made possible through the unwavering support and commitment of our partners and friends like you.
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Enabling Missions & Missionaries in Africa

As missionaries respond to God’s call to take the Gospel to extreme places, we are called to provide them resources, prayers and support until the Gospel gets to all nations in Africa and beyond.

Every day, thousands of missionaries work tirelessly and creatively to tell the unreached about Jesus.

While you may not think of yourself as a regular missionary, the Great Commission is a mandate to all followers of Jesus, and you do have a role to play in taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Learn More about Missions

What is missions? Why is it important? What inspires people to sacrifice all they have to go tell others about Jesus?

Plan to Visit a Mission Field

Nothing brings you closer to understanding missions like visiting personally. Take 1-2 weeks off and visit a mission field somewhere.

Join our Weekly Mission Prayers

Connect to our weekly Instagram prayer network from anywhere, or check our list of urgent prayer needs from around the world.

Meet & Support Missionaries

Meet missionaries working in different parts of the world and find out different ways you can support and encourage them.

Unveiling Our Anniversary Logo

To commemorate this significant milestone, we are launching a special series of events, starting with the unveiling of our 6th-anniversary logo. This logo represents not only our achievements but also our continuous effort to serve and support missions.

We're a Missions Mobilization organization with the vision to raise support and create awareness about missions

Mission enablers is primarily established as a vehicle to create awareness and funding for the advancement of the kingdom of God most especially missions and also create opportunities for missionaries to be adopted and supported.

What We Do

It is our mission and mandate to make the missionary work effective and support the missionaries 

Funding and Supporting Missionaries

We mobilize support and resources to help those who have committed their lives to advance the Gospel. You can give to missionaries or their projects.

Praying for Missions & The Unreached

Every week, we meet online via Instagram to pray for missions and missionaries. Our prayer page displays prayer needs from missionaries around the world.

Mobilization & Missions Awareness

We visit missionaries, raise awareness for their projects, recruit volunteers for them and build partnerships to advance their work. You can join us.

Our Impacts

New believers through missionaries we support
Missionaries and their families currently being supported
Donated to missionaries among the unreached
$ 0
Mission fields visited in 20 countries

Inspiring Missionary Stories

Our teams, in partnership with individuals and organizations are making impact in communities around Nigeria and Africa. Read a few stories of impact and be part of writing the next story.

Upcoming Activities and Events

Know what is happening around you, where and when they are happening.

Making Kingdom Impact all around the World

Since being founded in 2018, Mission Enablers has supported 235 missionaries working in 110 mission fields in 9 countries. We visit them to encourage them, provide funding for their accommodation, school fees for missionary kids, vehicles and motorcycles for missions mobility and more. We have donated school supplies, books, uniforms and furniture to schools, provided empowerment sources for missionaries and a lot more.

We do all these so that every missionary called to the unreached is fully equipped and empowered to fulfil their calling and preach the Gospel.

“The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed.”

Hudson Taylor, Missionary to India

Weekly Instagram Live Prayers

 Online Prayer for Missions

Every Thursday at 9pm


Praying for Missions and Missionaries

Every Thursday, join us as we pray for missionaries working in different parts of Africa and the world. Every week, the prayer is led by a different mission enthusiast or missionary. It is both educative and impactful.

What Is Happening Around You.

With a new year comes more opportunities for us to share the gospel of Christ to many others – by going on Mission Trips to preach the gospel and encourage Missionaries on the field.

Bible donation to the unreached

Success in the Great Commission has been progressive. More people are able to hear the gospel for the first time in their lives…

Need to talk?

Fill in your information and we will get back to you — or just give us a call: (+234)-902 781 5597

Partner Churches & Organizations

100% of the funds we use are donated through the freewill offerings of individuals and organizations who make it possible for us to do the things we do.

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