A recent survey of 40,000 missionaries and 600 mission agencies found that 43% of missionaries do not fulfill their long-term commitment to their field.

They come home. They quit.

Why don’t they stay?

The single greatest reason that these missionaries returned wasn’t a disqualifying sin or a health problem. It was lack of funding.

Many of these missionaries have given up every economic advantage back home to take the gospel of Jesus to the Unreached in the remotest part of the Word.

And apart from their upkeep as individuals, some of the missionaries are on the fields with their families. They also embark on several projects to further enhance the spread of Christ’s Knowledge and further establish the people in the faith. Projects such as; Bible translation, church planting, evangelism, medical ministry, educational ministry, or all of the above.

As you give and pray, missionaries on the front lines are seeing unprecedented spiritual hunger. Multitudes of people around the world are actively trying to learn more about Christ!

But even in the middle of this openness, missionaries – both new and old — are facing serious financial hurdles.

Will you help support them as they reach the hardest places with the message of Jesus?

Your gift of any amount will help meet immediate physical needs, provide them with ministry supplies and let them focus on sharing the gospel.

God is doing something special. We hear reports almost daily of missionaries in traditionally closed areas, like the Middle East, North Africa and Central Africa, having conversations that lead to conversion.

Thank you for giving today and for supporting missionaries on the frontlines!

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